Surgical Abortion (up to 12 weeks into the pregnancy)

We will refer you to a specialist who can perform the surgery ASAP at our local hospital or an out of town clinic if you prefer. Usually, this day procedure only takes a few minutes. And we are always happy to see you afterwards to help with any concerns you have or to discuss birth control options.

Surgical Abortion (after 12 weeks of pregnancy)

Although occasionally available in Thunder Bay, often clients have to travel to Toronto or Winnipeg to receive surgical abortions after 12 weeks into the pregnancy. Do not fret! We are here to help. We will assist you with the referral, filling out travel grants and even with travel arrangements if needed.

Morgentaler Clinic Toronto (Ottawa also) 

Cabbagetown Women’s Clinic Toronto

Women’s Health Clinic Winnipeg

For a full list of abortion clinics and organizations in Canada, click here.

Here is an TVO Article on Abortion Access at Umbrella Medical Clinic