There are many websites that are more informative and heck even cooler than us… well more informative at least.

Here are some of the ones we like:

  • Cabbagetown Women’s Clinic – Superstars, they really are.  If it can’t be done here, then off to the 416.
  • Catie –  Canada’s source for HIV and Hepatitis C information.
  • LifeLabs – Laboratory tests and results.
  • PrEP School – Website developed by AIDS Committee of Toronto.
  • Rainbow Health Ontario – Works to improve access to services for LGBTQ communities across the province.
  • The Sex You Want – Awesome website from the Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance.
  • Sex and U – Tonnes of valuable info from the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada.
  • Sexual Health Ontario – Info on sexually transmitted infections, contraception, and fertility from Ontario Public Health.