IUD Insertions and Removals

We offer timely access to IUD assessments, insertions, removals and replacements and are an approved members of RAICE (Rapid Access IUC Centre of Excellence). We are also approved as a focused practice so anyone can visit us, even if they have a family Physician! 

Inserting? Appointments are generally 30 minutes but the process can be quite quick. The insertion is performed by our female physician and there will be a female nurse in the room with you, both to help the physician and provide you with support. You can expect some cramping with the insertion but this usually starts to subside once the IUD is in. 

Removing? This is generally a quick process as long as we can find your IUD strings. Take a deep breath in, then breathe out and we quickly remove the IUD. Most people tolerate this very well! If you have concerns that you cannot feel your IUD strings, please contact us right away. 

If you would like more information on the available IUDs click here