Birth Control Options

Choosing a birth control that is right for you is a very personal choice.  What works for your friend… may not work for you… or it might!  We are happy to give you all the information and help you decide.

REMEMBER: No form of birth control can protect you from STIs – but Condoms (both male and female) come close! When you arrive, present your health card and we bill OHIP for services that are covered (some things are not always covered). You can contact us and we will get you in to discuss your options. There are so many Birth Control options out there, it was hard to decide how to organize it all…. so here is what we came up with.

Hormonal Birth Control Options

Non-Hormonal Birth Control Options

Natural Methods of Birth Control Options

We want to give you all the options…. but full disclosure:  These options do have the highest pregnancy rates.


We are a proud member of the Rapid Access IUC Centres of Excellence (RAICE).  IUC stands for intrauterine contraception. It describes any device placed in the uterus to help prevent pregnancy (IUD).  We offer timely access to IUD’s and insert/remove a high number of them weekly.