These parasitic mites like to live just below the surface of your skin… particularly in warm zones like the breasts, penis, buttocks, and between the fingers to name a few.

How would I get it?

  • Spread through intimate sexual and non-sexual contact with an infected partner
  • The mites can also live in bedding, towels and clothing for 3 days

What symptoms could I have if I have Scabies? 

  • Intense night-time itching
  • Reddish rash
  • Lesions are usually in the hands, wrists, armpits, waist, nipples, around the belly button, and in the male genitalia

How do I get tested?

  • Although skin scraping of the burrows and a Burrow Ink Test (BIT) can be helpful, most times the diagnosis is made by inspection of the affected sites.

What if I test positive?

  • Medicated creams or shampoos are required for treatment

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