Can I just walk-in?

The short answer … no.  Usually you can, but with covid-19 restrictions and the need for safety at all times we are suggesting you call us to see what the current status of the clinic is.  

I’m not 18 yet, do I need permission from my parents to go to a clinic?

No, you don’t need permission to visit our clinic. Ontario is different from many other provinces in that it affords anyone no matter their age complete control over their own health-care decisions unless they are deemed incapable by a physician.  Everything, including STI tests, remains confidential.  We recommend that you share with your loved ones for support as needed; however we will never share your information without your permission and will treat everyone within the limits of the law.

Are you an abortion clinic?

No, we are not an abortion clinic.  We do not offer surgical abortions.  We do prescribe the non-surgical abortion pill that is approved for use in Canada for up to 9 weeks that any physician can prescribe.  We will also help with abortion referrals for surgical options to people in need.  We are fully pro-choice and believe in everyone’s right to choose what happens to their body.

Does my family need to find out I visited a clinic?

Our Sexual health clinic is private and confidential. Staff are required (by law) not to tell anyone anything you don’t want them to know. That also means, not telling your family or people you know any information about you, even if they know them personally.

I’m too embarrassed to be examined by a doctor or nurse!

It’s natural and OK to feel that. Our Sexual health clinic doctors and nurses are non-judgmental and inclusive. This means, no matter what our personal beliefs are, we are trained to be open to your concerns. Remember that no question is “too weird” to ask. Most staff have heard it all before, so you’re likely not the first one to ask!