Our Mission

Umbrella Medical Clinic provides sexual health services for all ages, all genders, and all orientations.

Our vision is to become a strong, caring voice for sexual health services in the Northern Ontario region.


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OPERATIONS UPDATE: November 25th, 2021 

It is with great sadness that we share with you the unexpected passing of our physician Dr. Annabella Zawada on October 21, 2021. Currently, we are not booking any appointments until further notice and are temporarily closed. We appreciate the need for care and access to our services and will keep you updated as to whether we will be able to continue providing care out of Umbrella Clinic.



The family of Dr. Annabella Zawada wishes for Umbrella Medical Clinic to continue operating after her tragic passing. Umbrella Clinic exemplifies Dr. Zawada’s spirit, and the opportunity to continue providing these valuable services would allow us to honour her memory. Anyone interested in the acquisition of Umbrella Medical Clinic is encouraged to email our administrator at info@umbrellaclinic.com.

We will be collecting information from interested parties over the next two weeks (until December 7th). Following this, we will be conducting more detailed discussions with those interested. The Umbrella Clinic is a turnkey operation with an experienced administrator and two registered nurses with extensive experience and a passion for sexual health. The clinic has a recently renovated modern space with an active lease and the necessary equipment for someone to begin operation immediately.