Gonorrhea is a bacteria that is on the rise in our area – so beware.  You or your partner may be infected and have absolutely no symptoms.

How would I get it?

  • Spread through unprotected oral, vaginal or anal sex with an infected partner, mutual masturbation and sharing of sex toys
  • Causes infections in the penis and vagina and occasionally the throat and rectum
  • Mom can pass on to baby during birth

What kind of symptoms could I have if I am infected?

You may have NO SYMPTOMS at all if you are infected. Other times you may have some or all of the symptoms listed below.

All sexes:

  • Pain when peeing
  • Pain, itching, bleeding, mucus discharge of the rectum (rectal infection)
  • Throat infection

Vaginal symptoms:

  • Vaginal bleeding after sex or between periods
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Pelvic or lower back pain
  • Pain during sex

Penile symptoms:

  • Itchy urethra
  • Thick, yellowish-green discharge from the penis
  • Testicular pain or swelling

How do I prevent this?

  • Condoms and dental dams

How do I get tested?

  • Urine and/or swabs of exposed sites
  • Results usually take about a week to come back

What if I test positive?

  • This infection is treatable and curable.
  • We will provide you with proper antibiotic treatment (sorry this generally does include an injection!).
  • If left untreated, Gonorrhea can cause serious health problems.
  • You should know however that this is a “Publicly reportable disease” – meaning someone from Public Health may call you to ask you some questions.
  • It is important you tell all partners from the last 60 days, or the last partner you had so they can be tested and treated also.
  • If you are not comfortable notifying them, Public Health can help with that keeping you anonymous.

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