IUDs are T-shaped intrauterine devices (IUD) that over 150 million people with a uterus world-wide have trusted as the most effective form of birth control. Depending on which IUD you choose, it can provide birth control for 3, 5 or even 10 years. There are two main types of IUDs available in Canada.


Hormonal IUDs

(Brand Name: Kyleena & Mirena)

In Canada, there are two IUD brands available – Kyleena and Mirena – both of which can be used for 5 years in duration but have varying amounts of progestin hormone. Both are fully covered by OHIP+ or NIHB.


Copper IUDs

(Brand Name: Mona Lisa)

Copper-releasing Intrauterine Device (Cu-IUD) is an extremely effective hormone free form of contraception. This option is very affordable and effective. Copper IUDs are available in various sizes and durations (3, 5 and 10 years).

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