Mifegymiso (the Abortion Pill) is available through our clinic and effective up to 63 days or 9 weeks into the pregnancy. The abortion pill is sold in 55 countries and has been legal in France for over 25 years. If taken properly, the drug is proven to work 95 per cent effectively. Often, the medical abortion process involves 3 appointments with our clinic.

First Appointment: can take about 30 minutes. We obtain your health history, organize all the investigations you need (ie. Blood work and ultrasound), go over the medication (Mifegymiso), and answer all your questions. Bloodwork can be completed in our clinic or at Life Labs and the ultrasound can be carried out on site at Thunder Bay Diagnostics.

Second Appointment: will be scheduled with the doctor as soon as the results of the bloodwork and ultrasound are available. At this time, we go over any questions you may have and prescribe the medication for you. We will also provide you with our direct phone number that you can text or call with any questions. We want to support you throughout this process so do not hesitate to contact us!

Third Appointment: is to confirm that the abortion has been successful; that you are feeling well; and to discuss birth control options for the future.

What to expect with Mifegymiso

How does this work exactly?

The medication comes in 2 steps:

Step 1: You will take the first medication (mifepristone) by mouth as soon as possible.  Most people have no real side effects or symptoms after taking this pill.  Some might get a bit of bleeding – but that does not mean the process is complete.  Once you have taken this pill, you must take the second medication (misoprostol) as directed within the next 24 – 48 hours.

Step 2: After taking the first medication (mifepristone), you will take the second medication (misoprostol) tablets as directed, either against your cheek in your mouth or vaginally.  Within a few hours of taking the medication, you will probably start to have strong cramping and bleeding, similar to a heavy period.  Pain medicine or a heating pad can help with the cramps.  You may also have nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, chills, or feel tired.  These symptoms usually last a short time and stop on their own.  Call or text us at the number provided at your visit if you have any questions or concerns.

Things you might want available:
  • Acetaminophen (tylenol),
  • Ibuprofen (advil),
  • Dimenhydrinate (Gravol),
  • Hygiene pads, and
  • Maybe a friend or support person


I took the medications, now what?

Approximately 7-10 days after you have taken Mifegymiso, we do the third follow up appointment to make sure you are feeling well, and to repeat some blood work and an ultrasound to ensure the abortion is complete.  We can begin to discuss birth control options with you at this time.  In the rare case that your abortion is incomplete, you may need to take an additional dose of misoprostol or simply wait for your next normal period.  If the pregnancy is still growing, however, you will need a surgical abortion.

REMEMBER: You can become pregnant again right after an abortion, use a backup method of condoms until you are on a reliable form of birth control.